The Iva General Store

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17993 Dice Rd., Iva, Michigan 48626

Nestled in the heart of Michigan, along the winding roads of Saginaw County, lies the ghost town of Iva. Its once-thriving community has faded into obscurity, leaving behind remnants of a forgotten era. Among these remnants stands the Iva General Store, a weathered building that whispers secrets of the past. But beware—the echoes within its walls are not of mundane transactions but of something far more chilling.

The Pomeraning Family

In 1974, Harold Pomeraning, the home’s owner, built this house for his family. Little did he know that the tranquil countryside would soon become a theater of inexplicable horrors. The Pomeraning family—innocent and unsuspecting—would bear witness to a series of events that defied rational explanation.

The Unexplained Phenomena

The haunting began subtly, with loud pounding noises echoing through the walls. But it escalated swiftly. Voices whispered in the dead of night, and unexplainable fires erupted without cause. The Pomeranings filed dozens of police reports, desperate for answers. Yet, the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police, and even university experts remained mystified.

The Paranormal Investigation

Authorities took extraordinary measures. They placed the home under surveillance without the family’s knowledge. Researchers and police officers spent sleepless nights within its confines, hoping to unravel the enigma. Yet, the veil of darkness remained unyielding.

The Mysterious Fire

As if scripted by malevolent forces, a fire erupted, forcing the Pomeranings to flee. The case remained unsolved, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions. How could a roll of tissue spontaneously combust? Why did the walls reverberate with phantom footsteps? And who—or what—was responsible?

The Legacy of Dice Road

Decades later, the house on Dice Road still stands—an eerie sentinel. Filmmakers, writers, and curious souls continue to explore its haunted history. The whispers persist Michigan’s most cursed road harbors secrets that defy logic and chill the soul.

The Documentary

Local filmmaker and rapper, inspired by the chilling police reports, crafted a documentary titled “Michigan Hell House.” Through archival footage, interviews, and reenactments, the film delves into the darkness that clings to the walls of the Midcalf Haunting.


As the wind rustles the leaves along Dice Road, the unanswered questions linger. Was it a malevolent spirit? A cosmic anomaly? Or merely the echoes of forgotten tragedies? The Midcalf Haunting remains an unsolved enigma—a testament to the thin veil between our world and the unknown.

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