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Haunted Hotel del Coronado

On November 28, 1892, Kate Morgan was found shot in the head on the beach in front of the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California. At first ruled a suicide, there were inconsistencies which suggested foul play. The biggest discrepancy was found years later and suggests that the bullet didn’t match the gun in her hand. Others say that she committed suicide after having been abandoned by her lover, but there was no note.

Crown Room Hotel del Coronado Circa 1930

Crown Room Hotel del Coronado Circa 1930. The room is reminiscent of something out of The Shining.

What room did Kate Morgan stay in?

Kate Morgan's Ghost Haunts the Hotel del Coronado

Kate Morgan checked into room 302 as Lottie Bernard on Thanksgiving Day in 1892. Room 302 has since been renumbered as room 3327 and is one of the most popular rooms in the hotel. Kate’s ghost has been reported several times in room 3327 where she stayed. Guests note the appliances turning on and off, pipes making unexplained noises, and Kate Morgan’s face was said to appear in hotel room TV screen when it was even unplugged. Watch for the woman in black they say.

Haunted Rooms of the Hotel del Coronado

  • Rooms 3327 is where Kate Morgan stayed and the most activity has been witnessed. This is the most requested room.
  • The beach where Kate was murdered was found has reported sightings of a woman that quickly vanishes.
  • Room 3519 is where a young maid hanged herself and guests have reported strange occurrences.
  • Room 3502 is where Elisha Babcock took her life when she was with child. It’s said that in her sadness her spirit never left.
  • The hallways of the Hotel del Coronado have seen a woman in old garb.
  • The gift shop “Established in 1888” is said to have things falling of the shelves and other activity. Some say that Kate trashes the Marilyn Monroe exhibits.

The Coronado is also where Stephen King was inspired to write his short story 1408 about a paranormal investigator. The investigator stays in the Hotel Dolphin’s most notoriously haunted room 1408.

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  1. Daniel Alioa

    Waited a year to get into the haunted room at the Del and was disappointed. Stayed up all night waiting with a deck of cards and she never showed

    April 9, 2023 at 10:06 am Reply

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