Jatinga – Assam, India

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Jatinga is a small village located in the Dima Hasao district in Assam, India, with only 2,500 people. Despite its quaint appearance, Jatinga houses a strange phenomenon: bird suicides. It is known as a terminus for birds, especially during the late monsoon months from September to November. Ornithologists and villagers alike cannot seem to understand the meaning behind this strange occurrence, but it has been ongoing for years. It has also been said that villagers are swatting at the sky and killing the birds, under the impression that they are dark spirits haunting their residence. Perhaps there really is a malevolent spirit terrorizing the village through the birds. If you’re into avian cemeteries, this might be the place for you.

Is Jatinga Haunted?

Not only have villagers in Jatinga been intrigued for decades by the many bird deaths here, but there are also rumors of black magic and evil all around. When the mysterious bird deaths began, the villagers were uncertain as to what was happening. They first thought that spirits were coming from the sky to terrorize them, but it turns out that there could be a lot more to this.

The birds in this village are known to only fly at night, but when they do, they crash into buildings, trees, and other objects, causing them to die. Experts have been trying to figure out what makes the birds do this, but so far, this mystery remains unsolved.

The Bermuda Triangle For Birds

With other mysterious places, Jatinga continues to intrigue visitors from all over the world. It is known as the Bermuda Triangle For Birds because no one can figure out what is happening here. For those who come to visit, a lot of fear lingers at night. The birds here are wired differently, making them act erratically at night. What do these birds sense? Why are they only active at night?

The bird suicides all seem to take place on a 1.5 km patch of the ridge where the village is located. The Borail Mountains surround the village, and some say that the mountains have a curse, which is why the birds act in the way that they do. The birds only act like this between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., so the questions just continue to build about why they act this way and whether it will ever stop.

There isn’t just one specific bird that is known for committing suicide in Jatinga. There are a variety of birds that die each night, so scientists find it tough to pinpoint. Visitors can witness this strange phenomenon if they spend time in Jatinga.

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