Platypus Pub beneath the Old Church

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1203 Northeast 3rd Street, Bend, Oregon 97701, USA

Bend, Oregon’s Haunted Platypus Pub beneath the old church

Right beneath the Old Church on Northeast 3rd Street in Bend, Oregon is the Platypus Pub. I stopped in here to grab a drink and spoke with the bartender Jon, who by chance also happened to be an Oakland Raiders fan. After a few drinks, I hear another patron shout across the bar asking, “so what’s the deal with the poltergeists?” Jon begins to tell stories of employees who won’t work alone, lights that turn on by themselves and a shadowy apparition that has whisked past people in the past.

Bend Oregon's haunted bar, the Platypus Pub

Bend Oregon’s haunted bar, the Platypus Pub

This converted church has operated as a few different restaurants since the 70’s and now hosts the largest brew shop in Bend on its upper floor and the Platypus Pub in its basement. The Pub has a great selection of local beers to pair with your ghost story if you catch my drift. Afterall, Bend is a beer-lovers haven. The cozy Pub has a touch of old and new with a wood-laden bar and ample seating. Enter the haunted pub on the side of the church and down the stairwell.

Ghost Stories of the Pub Beneath the Church

Jon, of the haunted Platypus Pub, tells a ghost story to his patrons.

Jon, of the haunted Platypus Pub, tells a ghost story to his patrons.

Diners and staff have both reported lights flickering. Some have mentioned a heavy presence and some employees will tell you they’ve seen a dark apparition around corners or in the hallway in the back. The building is old and creeky which can add to the spooky factor. Patrons have mentioned that the hallway in the back that leads to the bathroom gives them an eerie ominous feeling, which is where employees have most often reported the tavern’s apparition.

The owners believe the ghost may be an old cook who worked at the building years ago. Others believe it to be the ghost of an old previous owner. Considering the building is an old church, there are many possibilities as the place has hosted funerals and has a long history

How long will this haunted pub be with us?

Recent news around this old church and haunted pub suggest its time may be coming to an end. The property owner is attempting to fast-track a plan to demolish the building to build a drive-thru. The building does not have historic status at this time and is not protected by the historic district of Bend. Locals are trying to stop the demolition, but the next 2 years could be the end for the church, pub and brew shop.

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