Plaza Guest House

11 Pearl Street, Provincetown, MA 02657, USA

The Plaza Guest House located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, has earned a title of being a haunted house due to the many strange occurrences and sightings guests have experienced there. Some guests have reported seeing people in old-fashioned clothing walking the halls of the guest house and especially in Room #006. On the same floor, there are reportedly bloodstains that will not go away no matter how many times the floor is polished. Even more eerily, some people report having had objects thrown at them by unseen forces, seeing doors opening and closing by themselves and being chased by a glowing apparition.

To make matters even more interesting, dogs and cats supposedly will not cross the threshold of Room #006. Although there is no historical evidence of foul play in the guest house, the bloodstains and many apparitions do cause one to wonder whether something unsavory occurred there in the past. To date, only one apparition at the Plaza Guest House has ever been identified, and that is the one of Zeke Cabal. Zeke was reportedly the town drunk back in the 1920s, and his ghost was said to have been seen crouching behind the living room desk of the guest house. Zeke’s spirit is reportedly shy, and that’s why he’s seen crouching behind the desk, trying to stay out of view.

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