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Haunted Sauer Castle in Kansas City, Kansas

Sauer Castle haunted mansion in Kansas City, Kansas is a place of eeriness and mystery. Built in 1871, the Italianate-style castle has been witness to countless tales of paranormal activity, haunted spirits, and supernatural phenomena. Many visitors have reported ghostly sightings inside the mansion walls; from strange noises echoing through the halls to apparitions appearing out of nowhere. If you are brave enough to explore this haunted mansion, be prepared for a spine-tingling visit. Who knows what otherworldly terrors you may encounter? Dare to enter if you dare – but beware! You never know what might lurk within its haunted walls…

History of Paranormal Activity at the Sauer Castle

Sauer Castle has captivated visitors with paranormal phenomena for years. Located near the Missouri River, the castle was built by German immigrant Augustin Sauer in 1871 and was once an impressive three-story building with a large ballroom and spectacular views of the city from its rooftop.

Since then, it has been subject to paranormal activity such as strange lights and noises, paranormal sightings, and even reports of mysterious apparitions. It’s said that many have heard screams coming from the castle during the night, as well as eerie music playing without explanation. Some witnesses have reported seeing shadows moving in the dark of night or feeling an icy chill emanating from certain parts of the castle.

Even more paranormal encounters have been documented over the years, including sightings of mysterious figures walking through walls or faces appearing in windows – all without explanation or origin. Many believe these paranormal occurrences are connected to a tragic event that occurred at the castle during its heyday: two children, believed to be siblings, died while playing in a now-abandoned part of the castle.

Today, many paranormal investigators and ghost hunters flock to Sauer Castle to document their findings. In recent years, mediums have also visited the paranormal site, noting that there is an energy or “presence” inside the castle – one that cannot be explained by any natural phenomenon or human behavior.

The most common paranormal activity reported here is seeing ghostly figures roaming around late at night and hearing voices coming from empty rooms. Other phenomena include objects being moved mysteriously across rooms on their own accord, orbs flying around within view, and strange smells filling up different areas throughout the building.

Sauer Castle Today

The castle was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and placed in Kansas’s Historic Landmarks in 1987. The castle is in need of repair as of 2023. You can look through the fence and see this historic place. Some people still get in the building of their own accord, but that is ill-advised from both a legal and paranormal standpoint.

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  1. Jesse

    Checked this Sauer Castle place out last weekend. We had a friend who said she felt ice up and down her back when we walked by it. She said she felt like someone was there with her.

    December 7, 2023 at 2:18 pm

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