The Goatman’s Bridge

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Old Alton Bridge, Lantana, TX 76226, USA

The Goatman’s Bridge in Texas

The paranormal legend of the Goatman’s Bridge in Texas is one that has been passed down through generations. It is said to be haunted by an eerie entity known as the “Goatman,” a paranormal being with the head of a goat and the body of a human. According to local folklore, this creature roams around the bridge at night, terrorizing any who dare cross its path.

Where is the Goatman Bridge?

Constructed in 1884, the bridge’s real name is “The Old Alton Bridge” named after the abandoned city of Alton, which it served in the 1850s. It’s an aged iron bridge crossing over Hickory Creek between Denton and Copper Canyon, Texas that has since been replaced by the Old Alton Road. The Goatman’s bridge sits just East of Old Alton Road right outside Denton. The official address is Old Alton Bridge, Lantana, TX 76226. You can access the bridge from the Old Alton Bridge Trail that begins on the East Side of Hickory Creek. It’s a short walk from the trail. The best way to find it is by using the Old Alton Bridge Trail address of Old Alton Bridge Trail, Argyle, TX 76226 in your maps app.

Is The Goatman’s Bridge Haunted?

The Goatman’s Bridge is said to be haunted by a half-man half-goat being and has been an infamous spot for paranormal activity for many years. It is said that the area surrounding it is filled with supernatural energy, making it easy for ghosts and other paranormal entities to manifest. People have reported hearing strange noises coming from under the bridge, feeling icy cold chills running up their spine when crossing it, and even seeing strange figures lurking around it at night. There have also been numerous reports of paranormal activity such as unusual lights and sounds coming from inside the forest next to the bridge.

The True Story of the Goatman’s Bridge Origin

The origin of this Goatman’s Bridge paranormal activity dates back to the early 20th century. It is said that a respected black goat farmer named Oscar Washburn, who was dubbed “The Goatman” by his fellow citizens, was hung over the side of the bridge by Klansmen in 1938. It’s said that they crossed the bridge and kidnapped Oscar and him back to the bridge. Yet when they threw him over the bridge to hang him, his body disappeared. This is supposedly the beginning of the Goatman’s Bridge.

Ever since, it is said that if you cross the bridge at night, you may see the Goatman on the other side.

This story quickly spread among locals and soon enough people began reporting similar sightings near or around the bridge itself and eventually gave rise to rumors of a haunted bridge guarded by an evil spirit they called “the Goatman.” As time went on more people began reporting paranormal experiences while crossing or even just walking nearby the Goatman’s Bridge leading many believers in paranormal phenomena to consider it one of Texas’ most haunted places.

Still today visitors come from all over just to experience what could be described as an otherworldly atmosphere near this mysterious landmark and there are always stories circulating about those who dare cross its path late at night…

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