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Is the Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle Haunted?

Seattle’s Mayflower Park Hotel was opened in 1927 and has had several reported paranormal sightings. Many involve an older man who once lived in the hotel. On the sixth floor, guests have seen the man’s ghost flitting from one room to another. Often, guests have reported that they feel like someone is watching them. Another older gentleman is seen on the 11th floor. Once, an employee was mopping, and when he turned back to his mop bucket, it was gone. He found it one floor below where he was mopping.

The Mayflower Park Hotel was originally called The Bergonian.

Haunted Rooms of the Mayflower Park Hotel

  • Room 1120 is said to be haunted by The Man. Guests don’t always last the night.
  • The 6th floor is where guests see a man’s ghost from time to time.

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