The Michigan Hell House: The Pomeraning Haunting

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19931 Dice Rd, Merrill, MI 48637

The terror began in the summer of 1974 and persisted until the spring of 1975. The Pomeraning family, residing in the small town of Merrill, Michigan, endured relentless, bizarre, and violent paranormal phenomena within their home—the infamous Michigan Hell House. Let us delve into the chilling events that unfolded within those walls.

The Pomeraning Family Haunting

Harold and Mabel Pomeraning, along with their two sons, Duane and Terry, innocently moved into the house on Dice Road. Little did they know that their tranquil abode would become a battleground between the living and the inexplicable.

The haunting manifested in various ways:

  • Loud pounding noises echoed through the walls, shaking the very foundation of the house.
  • Voices whispered in the dead of night, their origin elusive.
  • Unexplainable fires erupted spontaneously, defying all logic.

Paranormal Investigations

Desperate for answers, authorities placed the home under surveillance without the family’s knowledge. Researchers, police officers, and even university experts spent sleepless nights within its confines. Yet, the veil of darkness remained unyielding.

A roll of tissue inexplicably caught fire while the Pomeraning family prepared for church. The Michigan State Police fire marshal deemed it “next to humanly impossible.” The haunting defied rational explanation.

Real-Time Audio Recordings

The documentary “Michigan Hell House” reveals over 30 hours of real-time audio recordings, capturing the terror as it unfolded. Hundreds of police reports further document the relentless paranormal activity.

The Michigan Hell House remains an enigma—a place where the veil between our world and the unknown grows thin. Whether it was a poltergeist, a witch, or a demon, the Pomeraning Haunting continues to haunt the curious and the brave.

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