Top Halloween Costumes for Men in 2017

Are you looking for the hottest, most trending, make your buddies jealous Halloween costume? Well, Stefon told us his picks for this year’s most “have to have” costume ideas.

1. Hamilton

Hamilton Halloween

Channel the spirit of this insanely popular musical by dressing up as a founding father.

2. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Halloween

Support your favorite house from the TV show that has become a cultural phenomenon by dressing up as a knight.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween

Channel the spirit of Captain Jack Sparrow with this swashbuckling getup, all the more popular after the release of Dead Men Tell No Tales.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Halloween

The braggadocious Gaston comes alive on Halloween with this elaborate costume, made all the better if you can put on a show to match.

5. IT

Pennywise Halloween

Clowns have always seemed scary, but even more so with the release of the It film — and now, you can even dress up as one with this costume.

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider Man Halloween

Always a classic, Spider-Man received a reboot this year with Tom Holland playing the titular character — and now, you too can don the suit and mask.

7. Despicable Me 3

Balthazar Bratt Halloween

From the film franchise that brought you everyone’s favorite Minions, this Balthazar Bratt costume lets you live out the fun of Despicable Me 3.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween

Dress up as Rocket to protect the galaxy and go on exciting adventures with all of your friends.

9. Superstore

Superstore Halloween

The new NBC show portrays a unique cast of characters, and now you too can join in with this easy costume option.

10. Stranger Things

Stranger Things Halloween

This Jim Hopper costume can immerse you in the world of Stranger Things, the Netflix show that took the sci-fi world by storm this year.

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