Top Haunted Houses in Wyoming 2022

Wyoming Top Haunt: Nightmare on 17th St

Elm Street Has Nothing On Them!

Nightmare on 17th Street

For more than thirty years, the Nightmare on 17th Street has been scaring the resident of Cheyenne senseless and this Halloween season it will be no different!  The building used as this modern-day house of horrors is an actual haunted location with a sinister past. Claustrophobia is the name of the horror game here as you and your friends muster up all the courage you can to brave over fifteen different blood-drenched, gore-filled, and spooktacular scenarios of demonic proportions.  As one emotionally scarred haunt goer said, “I was so scared that I couldn’t even make it past the first room!

FrightFind It: Nightmare on 17th St in Cheyenne, WY

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