Ancient City Inn

47 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine, FL 32084, USA

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While the owners of some haunted hotels disbelieve the stories people tell, the owners of the Ancient City Inn firmly believe their little inn is haunted by several spirits. They believe the resident spirit is Charles Sequi, the original owner of the inn, and his wife Maude. The current owners also believe that their daughter and her cat haunt the inn and offer haunted tours of the inn too.

Martha Lee, the daughter of the original owners, loved her former home so much that she continued living there for years after her parents passed away. To pass the time and curb the loneliness that she sometimes felt, she brought home a cat that she named Toby. One of the rooms in the inn now bare her name, and many guests report feeling a cat jump on the bed in the middle of the night. Some even felt the cat kneading them with its claws or heard loud purring noises coming from the bottom of the bed.

Though Martha Lee never married, legend says that she once fell in love with a man who stayed at the inn when she and her mother used it as a boarding house. When Maude found them together, she immediately threw the man out. Martha Lee was so heartbroken that she never married or took a lover again. Workers often hear the sounds of the bed springs in the room bouncing and moving, which they believe is proof that Martha Lee met up with her former love in the afterlife. Those who stay at the Ancient City Inn might just receive a visit from a ghostly cat or hear two former lovers coming together again.

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