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Michigan Top Haunt: Azra Chamber of Horrors Where Each Chamber Is More Menacing Than the Last! Rated as the #1 haunted attraction in the state of Michigan, Azra… Read more »

Massachusetts Top Haunt: Barrett’s Haunted Mansion Taking Fear To a Whole New Level! Chosen as one of FrightFind’s top haunted attractions in 2018, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is one… Read more »

Maryland Top Haunt: Bennett’s Curse They Just Can’t-Wait To Scare You! Profiled in such media outlets as the Travel Channel, Making Monsters, and the iconic Fangoria Magazine, Bennett’s… Read more »

Maine Top Haunt: Destination Haunt In the Woods, Only the Darkness Can Hear You Scream!   If you thought that Stephen King’s house was Maine’s scariest place,… Read more »

Delaware Top Haunt: Frightland Eight Levels of Pure Hell! Frightland is Delaware’s best when it comes to haunted attractions, even being acclaimed as one of the scariest in the… Read more »

Florida Top Haunt: Enigma Haunt Death Is Only An Option! Ranked Florida’s #1 Haunted Attraction and USA Today’s Reader’s Choice Top 20 Haunt in the entire U.S., Enigma… Read more »

California Top Haunt: Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Because It’s Always Halloween Here! Winner of Hollywood’s Halloween Icon Award, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is the ultimate Halloween… Read more »

Alaska Top Haunt: Fright Night Manor Anchorage’s Oldest Haunted House Anchorage’s Fright Night Manor takes top honors in the state of Alaska for the 4th straight year!  Founded in… Read more »

Arkansas Top Haunt: Carpenter’s Mortuary Undertakers, Morticians and Grave Diggers, oh my! Charlie Bookout tells us that Carpenter’s Mortuary Spook House is unique in that it occupies a… Read more »

Arizona Top Haunt: Mount Mayhem Zombie Virus + Mental Patients = Survive! Homemade horror at its finest!  What started out as a simple family spook house has grown… Read more »

Wyoming Top Haunt: Nightmare on 17th St Elm Street Has Nothing On Them! For more than thirty years, the Nightmare on 17th Street has been scaring the resident of… Read more »

Wisconsin Top Haunt: Misery Haunted House Not your typical CheeseHeads Tapped as one of the top-rated haunted attractions in Wisconsin for five years in a row, Misery Haunted House… Read more »

West Virginia Top Haunt: The Asylum Haunted House Real Asylum. Real Fear. All Abomination. Set inside the real Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, the Asylum is taking that haunted attraction… Read more »

Washington Top Haunt: Fright Factory Just How Loud Can You Scream? Quite possibly one of the most tortured inspired haunted attractions on the planet, Fright Factory in the unsuspecting… Read more »

Virginia Top Haunt: Red Vein Haunted House Looking For Lambs To Slaughter! A witch’s curse from the 1500s carries all the way over into 2019 as the Red… Read more »