Scary News

North Dakota Top Haunt: Haunted Fort Come Get Your Fear On! Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park in Mandan ordinarily serves as a magnet for tourists, attracting thousands… Read more »

Ohio Top Haunt: Haunted Cave at Lewisburg Nothing bad has ever happened in a cave, right? Nestled deep in the heart of Lewisburg, the Haunted Cave is… Read more »

Oklahoma Top Haunt: The Hex House You will be touched! So you have that going for you, which is nice. When visiting The Hex House in Oklahoma,… Read more »

Oregon Top Haunt: Milburn’s Haunted Manor Come on in. Make yourself at home. Emerging from the sinister depths of Hubbard, Oregon, Milburn’s Haunted Manor sends shivers down… Read more »

Pennsylvania Top Haunt: Bates Motel Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood! As you approach the Bates Motel, an eerie chill sweeps over you, setting the tone for… Read more »

Rhode Island Top Haunt: Haunted Labyrinth If you think cornfields are hard to get out of, try a Labyrinth! For 35 years, the Haunted Labyrinth in Cranston… Read more »

South Carolina Top Haunt: Deceased Farm The only grow death on this farm. Upon setting foot on The Deceased Farm, you will immediately sense the foreboding aura… Read more »

South Dakota Top Haunt: The Jaycees Feargrounds 50 Years of Fears As you step onto the eerie grounds of The Jaycees Feargrounds, a chilling sense of dread… Read more »

Tennessee Top Haunt: The 13th Realm Over 40 acres of sheer terror! Enveloped in an eerie hush, the 13th Realm Haunted House in Tennessee is a chilling… Read more »

Texas Top Haunt: Dark Hour New Escape Room FOr 2023! The Dark Hour Haunted House in Texas elicits chills that run down the spine of even the… Read more »

Utah Top Haunt: Castle of Chaos 5 Levels of Fear To Choose From Upon the grim threshold of the Castle of Chaos, a chilling dread envelops you,… Read more »

Vermont Top Haunt: Nightmare Vermont Nightmares Served Up Fresh! Stepping into the world of Nightmare Vermont is like embarking on a thrilling journey into the supernatural. As… Read more »

Virginia Top Haunt: Madhaunter’s Madhouse If you haven’t gone mad yet, you will. Madhunter’s Madhouse in Purcellville, Virginia is renowned for its horror, earning the title of… Read more »

Washington Top Haunt: Fright Factory Best haunt, dollar for dollar, in Washington. The Fright Factory is no ordinary attraction; it’s a masterclass in terror. Imagine walking through… Read more »

West Virginia Top Haunt: Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm Completely Revamped for 2023! At the stroke of twilight, Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm transforms into an enigmatic canvas of… Read more »