Dumas Beach – Gujarat, India

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Dumas Beach, located near a Hindu burial ground along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, India, is one of the most popular tourist attractions during the daytime. However, they tend to scurry off to their hotels at night for good reason. It is said that beach bums active after midnight can hear the screams of the dead from the nearby cemetery beckoning them. If the tourists don’t answer their calls, they join them six feet under the black sand beach, rumored to be white sand mixed with ashes of the cremated dead.

The tales of terror linger between locals, and ghost hunters are always thrilled to hear more horror stories. One of the reasons that visitors flock to Dumas Beach is because these tales seem much more realistic than those of other locations. Visitors get tense and pack up everything as the beach gets dark, and the sun sets. However, some thrill-seekers have tried to stay overnight at the beach, and what they discovered was anything but holy.

Is Dumas Beach Haunted?

Dumas Beach is located along the Arabian Sea, and it is one of the most haunted places in Gujarat. The black sand on the beach is one of the main reasons that travelers flock to the beach and the tales of the paranormal. This beach’s haunted history makes for a spooky visit. It was once used as a Hindu burial ground, which could be one reason that the spirits like to linger here.

Some folklore suggests that the black sand is the amount of burning bodies here and all of the ash they created. For anyone who has taken the time to visit Dumas Beach, there is an eerie feeling to it that no one can really describe. Visitors have mentioned how depressing the energy here feels and all of the negativity.

Dumas Beach Paranormal Events

Paranormal events that have occurred here are no surprise to the locals. There have been tourists and locals who have disappeared into thin air after visiting. One man was found dead on the beach, and it seemed odd that his tongue was popping out of his mouth when he was found.

Not only have guests seen some strange things, but they have also heard some eerie sounds from the beach. Laughing, crying, and sobbing have been heard, and some locals claim to see white apparitions and orbs on the beach. Of course, none of this can really be explained, but the number of events has grown quite a bit recently.

Dumas Beach is a very popular location and a great place to spend time during the day. If you are brave enough to spend the night, be aware that you may not get a good night’s sleep and may be interrupted by the haunts and ghosts on Dumas Beach. Enjoy your stay here; you will never be the same again.

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