Barog Tunnel- Shimla, India

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Train buffs unite! The Barog Tunnel, or Tunnel 33, of the Shimla-Kalka Railway, is said to be haunted by one of its architects. During the 20th-century colonial rule of India, the British government tasked Colonel Barog with building a tunnel for the railway under construction. He made a mistake in calculation and constructed parallel tunnels, which made him publicly shamed. Barog shot himself in the unfinished tunnel out of embarrassment and shame. It was eventually finished by another engineer, and a small town was built around the tunnel, whose locals say that the Colonel can be seen every now and then around the tunnel. Do you think these locals are hearing the wails of the failed engineer or train horns in the area?

Old train tunnels generally have a lot of lore and legends attached to them, and the Barog Tunnel is one of those in India. It is one of the most haunted places in the area, and some of the legends attached to it sound like nonsense, but the legends must have stemmed from someone, right? As all legends and tales go, there could be a lot of flair added to these stories to scare off visitors, but these ghost stories still exist. Let’s learn more about these local legends.

Is The Barog Tunnel Haunted?

The Barog Tunnel is one of the most mesmerizing in India. It is one of the longest tunnels and is quite unique. However, using the trains in this tunnel is more of an adventure for those seeking thrills. When it was being built, the engineer had made some severe miscalculations and the tunnel was built in the center of the mountain. Of course, he was fired and humiliated by his mistake. The legend goes that he was so upset that he shot himself and was buried right outside of the tunnel.

The locals feel as if the engineer has never left the tunnel. They think that his spirit is still here and haunting it. Even though he has been seen and heard here, his ghost seems completely harmless, and sometimes, he is seen as friendly. Even though he still hangs out and is nice, some visitors to the tunnel feel his presence and want nothing to do with it.

 Why Are The Shimla Locals Scared?

The Barog Tunnel is one of the scariest places that ghost hunters have seen in this area. Even though the spirits may not be malicious, something about the tunnel still makes people want to stay far away. Could it be the sounds of the ghosts that are here? Is it the fact that there have been some deaths in and around the tunnel? There are plenty of unanswered questions about the tunnel and if you are the adventurous type, you can find out what is in store for you. Perhaps you will see the ghost of the engineer and get to know him better.

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