Evil Tower: Castello Di Poppi- Tuscany

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For those visiting Italy, the Castello Di Poppi is one of the most popular places to stay, but also one of the most haunted locations in Italy. By looking at the castle in the daytime, the castle looks a little creepy, but it’s nothing like the views of the castle at night. Also known as the Evil Tower, the castle holds a lot of terrifying stories and is plagued by the paranormal.

The Story of Matilda

Tourists have enjoyed exploring the castle for years, and it has become one of the most popular sites in the area. There are plenty of legends that come from the castle, though. Known for being a wonderful area for a day trip, the activity at night is otherworldly. Many ghosts have been seen and heard in the castle; one of them was a woman named Matilda.

Matilda was known for being one of the most beautiful women in the area at the time she lived. She married a very powerful and rich man in the area, and he was part of the ‘Guidi.’ The ‘Guidi’ ruled over Tuscany and were known for how merciless they were. This man was hardly ever home and would leave Matilda days on end in the castle all alone. Her needs were never satisfied, and this caused some problems for her.

Matilda Lures In Men

While Matilda was living practically alone in the castle, she began to lure in the bachelors in the area. She would ask them to do work there or entertain her. Due to her beauty, they would do anything for her, and many fell head over heels in love with her. She loved the affection, and when they would stay over for the night, she would tell them to leave out the back door so that they wouldn’t be seen. However, she had other plans in mind for them.

Matilda made the men walk across a trapdoor. This is where they would fall to their deaths. The men fell into a room filled with broken glass and razor blades, to never be seen or heard from again. Soon, people in the village began to talk about how these men would go to work in the castle and never come back. The rumors were all over town, and the people soon broke into the castle and trapped her in the tower. Allegedly, they closed her in and left her there to die.

The Evil Tower Hauntings Today

Those who have stayed in the castle have mentioned that they believe they have seen Matilda’s ghost. They describe her as a woman in white and have seen her standing by the window of the tower where she was trapped to die. With hundreds of people coming to visit each year, the stories of Matilda’s ghost being seen have grown.

There are plenty of legends that have come from Tuscany, and this is one of the most popular to date. The Castello Di Poppi is a grand place to visit and a terrifying place to spend the night.

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