Catacombs of Rome

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For ghost hunters in Italy who enjoy going to underground haunts, the Catacombs of Rome are just the place for you. These are ancient burial grounds, meaning many spirits just lingering about. Rome had some strict laws about burials inside of the city, and these underground passages were a place for those who wanted to bury their loved ones.

There are at least forty different underground burial sites in Rome, and a few of them have just recently been discovered. These underground burial sites began in the second century, and people from all walks of life were buried there. The system of underground tunnels that would become catacombs was first used by the Etruscan people who did live in Rome at one point. Then, the Romans were able to adapt these techniques and bury their dead in the Catacombs of Rome.

Where Are the Catacombs Located?

Even though it must seem as if a great deal of these catacombs exist, only a few are open to the public. The Catacombs of San Sebastian and St. Callixtus are located on the old Appian Way. They are open for visitors to explore and walk around in. Another open area is the Catacombs of Saint Agnese, which are located at Via Nomentana. There are several others in the area, and easy for ghost hunters to find.

Catacombs of Rome

Visitors flock to the catacombs for various reasons, including learning more about Roman history. There is a very dark history in this area, and some visitors mentioned how creepy the catacombs are. They are a good way to learn about the popes buried in them and the artwork buried with them.

The Paranormal Experiences

The Catacombs of Rome are the oldest in the world and house thousands of bodies. There are popes buried in these catacombs, missionaries, herbalists, saints, and more. With all of these people buried in the catacombs, there is plenty of paranormal activity underground in Rome. Rumors spread quickly that there were more than Christians buried in these catacombs. In fact, some felt that some rituals had been done in the catacombs that had summoned the dead and evil.

Catacombs of Rome

In the Catacombs of Rome, visitors have seen bones and skulls. It takes a true horror and paranormal fan to want to spend time underground with these bodies. There have been visitors who claimed that they have seen ghosts down here. Others have felt as if someone was watching them the entire time they were there. Some visitors commented about how they felt someone touch them as they walked around the catacombs.

There are five Catacombs of Rome that are currently open to tourists. Some of them offer tours, while others are simply self-guided. When visiting Rome, this part of history sometimes goes overlooked, but if you are a true ghost hunter, you will love this entire experience and what it can do for you.

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