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Just hearing the very word “Gettysburg” one immediately thinks of the bloody Civil War battle as well as the site of President Abraham Lincoln’s most famous speech. The town of Gettysburg is no doubt haunted, and if one is looking for a ghostly good bed and breakfast, the Farnsworth Inn is a sure thing.

The Haunted Farnsworth House Inn

The Farnsworth Inn is situated barely half a mile from the battle site, letting you know that it definitely experienced its share of horror. Built in 1810, the inn is reportedly haunted by up to what many believe are sixteen separate spirits.

The ghost of a little boy named Jeremy is the most popular as he is rather gentle and looking to play with guests. A favorite of his is to quickly close a door when a guest is trying to open it. Another is tapping you on the shoulder, and when you turn around nobody is there!

However not all encounters are as cheery, the cellar of the inn was a makeshift field hospital during the Civil War. Amputations were performed in such massive amounts that there were records saying the dismembered limbs would pile up outside. A pair of Confederate soldiers are said to haunt the Eisenhower Room and have been known to frequently wake up sleeping guests who they label as Yankees and question why they are sleeping in their bed.

The Farnsworth embraces it’s ghostly history and regularly operates ghost tours from its property and even has special sessions where ghost hunting equipment is provided and guests are allowed to become ghost hunters for themselves!

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