Grandview Cemetery

Elizabethtown, KY,

Names and nicknames for cemeteries are always created with the utmost care and respect for the departed and their families. Typically there is a reference to the geographical area included if it is the only cemetery around. Other times, the creators of a cemetery name wish to convey very gentle, almost effervescent terms that describe emotions or even flowers. Grandview Cemetery, also known as Kasey Cemetery, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky seems likes a normal, and formalized name for a cemetery. However, it has been known to some locals and visitors, not as the Grandview, but instead “The Gates of Hell!”

Graves inside the Grandview Cemetery date all the way back into the 1700s, making it one of the oldest cemeteries in the entire state of Kentucky. The cemetery is in a borderline remote location and overgrowth has taken over parts of the land, as graves are scattershot amongst a Kentucky hillside. The origin of the cemetery is a mystery as not a lot of records name anyone officially creating it, however, it is likely called Kasey from a family name in the area. Elizabethtown was established in 1795 and few of the graves in there precede that date. There is little information available about its history, but one thing is certain, and that it’s a supremely haunted location of diabolical proportions.

Is The Grandview Cemetery in Kentucky Haunted?

Spirits here are said to be the supernatural manifestation of Satanic occult practices carried out in the cemetery and woods surrounding it over the last two hundred years. The atmosphere they create is one of invisible fear as few people have reported feeling quite uneasy stepping foot onto the cemetery property. This uneasiness is accompanied by them unexplainably bleeding out of their nose or even their mouth. Not life-threatening amounts, but no doubt getting a visitor’s attention. For those that flee, some people have reported loved ones who visited the cemetery walk away speaking in bizarre tongues and the further they travel from the cemetery, the strange language weakens in strength until their normal speech returns.

Satanic rituals have been reported here for quite a long time. In 2003 there was a discovery made at the cemetery by some locals that including the bizarre finding of dead cats, dogs, deer, and a baby calf. Kentucky State Police were actually called in to check things out, but a detective ruled out animal cruelty as there was no direct forensic evidence found to warrant such crimes. Animal sacrifices here have happened on the property so often over the years that some locals have referred to it as “the Killing Field”. Such sacrifices are said to call upon a witch that lives in the wooded area. People have reported hearing blood-curdling screams in the middle of the day as well as at night with nobody around at all. Unexplained black patches of grass along with blinking orbs that appear and disappear have this graveyard as perhaps the most haunted in the entire state.

Today the Grandview (Kasey) Cemetery is still accessible, albeit a little out of the way from the normal Elizabethtown roads. With its sordid history of witchcraft and borderline demonic activity in the cemetery, it lives up to the “Gates of Hell” nickname to the terrifying fullest.

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