Haunted Conisbrough Castle in South Yorkshire

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Castle Hill, Conisbrough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN12 3BU

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Coinsbrough Castle is located in South Yorkshire, England. Like others built during the same time period, its history is vast. It was built in 1180 and is known as one of the most haunted castles in the world. Let’s find out more about the history and haunts of Coinsbrough Castle.

Is Conisbrough Castle Haunted?

This castle is one of the few that survived the English Civil War. Although it wasn’t a huge part of the war, sieges occurred there. The castle’s history is just one of the ways that visitors are drawn in. However, the tales of the ghosts here are yet another reason that people flock to it.

Tales of ghosts walking these halls have existed for centuries. One of the ghosts seen the most here is the ghost of a gray monk. He likes to wander along the curtain walls of the castle. Visitors feel as if he looks tired or sad, but they have never felt any ill will from him.

Haunted Conisbrough Castle in South Yorkshire

Another popular ghost seen in the castle is the White Lady. The White Lady has been seen at the top of the castle and there are stories that she was pushed off of the castle and fell to her death. Visitors to the castle admit that they have actually heard the sounds of a woman screaming for her life. They claim that it only happens a few times a year.  The tales of this ghost vary depending on who tells it, but paranormal experts and ghost hunters have seen her quite a few times.

Not only do some ghosts frequently show up, but footsteps can be heard all around the castle. Visitors have also seen strange lights in the chapel area. The chapel is generally locked up, so these lights keep appearing oddly.

Ghost Hunting at Conisbrough Castle in South Yorkshire

One of the most interesting things about Coinsbrough Castle is how many visitors want to go ghost hunting there. The tour guides who work here are very knowledgeable about the haunts. When guests sign up for a ghost hunt, they will participate in experiments, seances, and vigils to find ghosts and make a very special connection to them.

Plenty of guests doubted the ghostly activity here, but with these ghost tours, there are ways to see that they really do exist here. There is plenty of time to sign up and discover just how spooky Coinsbrough Castle can be. You never know who or what you will see here, but one thing is certain. The history will show itself to you as you walk through these halls.

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