Haunted Hotel Teatro

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Haunted Hotel Teatro in Denver, CO

The Haunted Hotel Teatro sits in a location that used to house the old Denver Tramway Building, which was built in 1911. After the last streetcar stopped running, there was no reason for the Tramway Building. Instead, the University of Colorado used it for the Center of Performing Arts until 1997.

Restorations began in 1997 to turn the building into a hotel. During renovations is when the spooky happenings began. It is said that often that spirits do not like changes to their environment, which has been said to increase paranormal activity. They don’t like when their resting place is changed or altered.

Haunted Hotel Teatro’s ‘Tool Man’

The most notable ghost in the hotel is one called the “Tool Man” since he walks around with a toolbox. It’s thought that the Tool Man worked in the Tramway Building, and died while on the job. He disappears if anyone calls out to him. From the moment the crew started construction of the Hotel Teatro, there began hearing disembodied voices and experienced ghostly apparitions.

Guests of the Haunted Hotel Teatro have remarked that they felt like someone was in the room well after the cleaning staff had made their rounds. Items have been moved and other small unexplained occurrences happened during visitor’s hotel stay.

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2 Reviews

  1. Michele Traves

    I love staying at Hotel Teatro. I have stayed several times on different floors, but mostly on the balcony level. One night I locked the three locks on the balcony door and went to bed. At 3am I felt a cold burst of wind on my face. I woke to my balcony door opened except for the chain lock. I ran to the lobby and got security and was offered another room. I stayed in the room for the second night without incidence.
    I am here, once again at Hotel Teatro on the 9th floor. It’s nearly 1am and I keep hearing an unusual hotel sound. Much like metal rubbing on metal. It continues for several minutes then stops and starts again. It reminds me of someone moving a coin flat around a table top in a circular motion. My shower door just made a popping sound as well.
    I will continue being a guest at this hotel. I always feel a presence, but am never too afraid to return.

    October 12, 2017 at 11:57 pm Reply
    1. Nicole Gonzales

      What rooms did you stay in? My husband and I would like to investigate this location. If we find something maybe even a quick review of your experience.

      August 12, 2018 at 3:37 pm Reply

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