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Is the Jameson Inn in Crestview, Florida Haunted?

No one knows exactly what occurred in room 208 of the Quality Inn (formerly the Jameson Inn) in Crestview, Florida. The only thing that is certain about the room is that it has become a hotbed for paranormal activity and grisly sightings. Years ago, William Blair was enjoying a tranquil slumber in the room when he was suddenly awoken by a stirring around him and an unknown presence “ruffling his hair.” When Blair opened his eyes, he was greeted by the ghastly sight of a decapitated woman. ” I saw this headless woman in a long white nightgown walking towards me. There was blood dripping from her neck and her veins were sticking out,” he stated. “Then all of a sudden, she vanished through the wall and into the attic as inexplicably as she appeared.” A self-proclaimed skeptic when it came to the paranormal, Blair quelled his shock by promptly downing a shot of whiskey. “I have never believed in ghosts,” he said. “But on that particular night, I saw one.”

The headless woman isn’t the only ghostly presence taking up residence in room 208. Throngs of guests have left the room over the years with reports of seeing their luggage and other objects levitate along with the pungent smell of cigarette smoke permeating the walls, even though it is a non-smoking room. Stories of paranormal activity in room 208 are old hat for general manager Teresa Davis, who hears them on a semi-regular basis. She and the staff have even coined one of the ghosts as “Fred”. It is said that the spirit of a man can be seen roaming the second floor hallways and lingering by the elevators. “When the elevator randomly opens, we joke, ‘Oh, Fred’s coming.'” Although Davis herself remains a skeptic about the hauntings, guests continue to experience phenomena. Many guests who choose to vacate room 208 for a night, many have been reported to be so terrified by the experience that they will “change rooms in the middle of the night” and several members of the cleaning staff abstain from ever cleaning the room alone.

Established as recently as 2000, the Quality Inn lives up to its namesake with clean, modern amenities, friendly staff and a truly quality experience. If you’re brave enough to allow a few ghosts to punctuate a top-notch visit, don’t hesitate booking one of the best rooms along the Emerald Coast.

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One Review

  1. Bill

    I stayed in room #208, and it’s nothing to mess with. There’s some evil presence in that room, which absolutely means to do harm to whoever occupies that room.

    I don’t know if someone was murdered in that room, or if someone committed suicide, or if there’s a creature that manifests there from some demonic realm. All I know is that its there, it’s powerful, and when I encountered the thing, it left me shaken for days.

    My advice is, pass on going near the place. What they really should do, is burn the whole place down, salt the earth, and hope whatever’s there, goes away.

    March 3, 2018 at 7:39 pm Reply

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