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Is Yale University Haunted?

Yale University is one of the top-ranked Ivy League universities in the United States. Established all the way back in 1701, it is the third-oldest institution of higher learning in the entire United States. As a matter of fact, Yale stands as one of the original Colonial Colleges that was set up and founded before the American Revolutionary War even begun. With centuries-old history, it should come as no surprise that Yale has some paranormal activity going on.

The Ghosts of Vanderbilt Hall

Vanderbilt Hall at Yale is a building that was formally endowed from the massive finances of Cornelius Vanderbilt. A long-standing dorm, students there have remarked that there are sudden and bizarre temperature drops into the freezing cold with no logical explanation. Other times, descendants of Vanderbilt and other students staying in the dorm are said that Cornelius has even manifested to appear in their dreams. Totally genial in nature, his presence in the hall is quite bizarre.

Haunted Wrexham Tower

Across campus is the chilling Wrexham Tower. According to campus lore, three different students at one time or another committed suicide in a third-floor suite there. Intermittently, over the years various students have reported paranormal activity in this particular suite to involve freezing temperatures, voices, doors opening, and closing, all associated with classic poltergeist behavior. As a result of the complaints, Yale has had the room completely sealed to prevent any further dark manifestations from happening.

The Haunting of the Pierpont Home

Off in the distance is the Pierpont Home which has been redesigned into a visitor’s center for the campus. The building actually dates to the Revolutionary War era in which it was used as a British command post as well as a battle hospital. Decades later, visitors have claimed to see bloodstains manifest and then disappear on the central staircase. It’s wholly possible that the deceased spirits of British soldiers haunt the building. Outside, beneath the New Haven Green walkways used to be an actual burial ground during the Revolutionary War, but bodies were relocated at some point in the 19th Century to the Grove Street Cemetery. Bodies mismatched with headstones have given further credence to the belief that the spiritual grounds of Yale are quite restless.

Yale’s Skull and Bones Society

Of course, many believe the infamous Skull and Bones society has something to do with all the activity as well. A secret underground student society that’s dark and mysterious, the Skull and Bones are said to actually possess the skulls of Geronimo and former president Martin Van Buren. Bizarre rituals include supposedly being lowered into a coffin and then “reborn” again with another ritual involving drinking a mysterious substance from one of the skulls while chanting in a bizarre language.

Is such a group responsible for any supernatural activity on campus at Yale? All of the members are sworn to a level of secrecy that can never be broken. But for now, only the spirits lurking about on-campus know the whole truth.

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