Lockport Haunted Cave Mysteries of the Erie Canal and Lockport Underground

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The Lockport Haunted Cave Ghost Tour on the Erie Canal

Walk the haunted Erie Canal and explore Lockport’s haunted past with a haunted cave Lantern Tour. This eerie tour provides an unforgettable experience for those brave enough to take part! This ghost tour is a walking tour on the Eerie canal that delves into the forbidden tunnels and caverns of Lockport, New York.

A ghost tour of old Lockport, NY

The haunted Erie Canal is most famously known as the site of numerous hauntings and ghost stories, including tales of a headless horseman that has been seen riding along its depths at night. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of canal workers who perished during construction, as well as by the souls of Native Americans who once inhabited the area. And now, you can explore these mysterious haunts firsthand on a haunted cave Lantern Tour.

Led by experienced guides, this tour will take you deep into the haunted Erie Canal in Lockport, New York. You’ll be given a lantern to light your way as you venture through eerie caverns and passageways filled with tales of terror and horror. Learn about local folklore surrounding the haunted canal and hear spine-tingling stories about its hidden secrets.

On your journey, you’ll get an up-close look at some of Lockport’s oldest buildings, which have been rumored to be haunted for centuries. Here you’ll find evidence of various paranormal activities like strange noises, poltergeists, and even ghosts! As you explore these ancient ruins in search of clues to their haunted history, keep your eyes peeled for any other supernatural activity that may come into view.

Featured on Ghost Hunters Episode, “The Tunnels of Terror”

Ghost hunters experienced these caverns because of the lore and many paranormal reports. Through the winding eerie corridors, you’ll explore little-known corners of the canal and hear the tail of one of Lockport’s most famous ghostly residents—the headless horseman! The story goes that he was once an old canal worker who died while working on the construction of the Erie Canal—and his spirit has been seen ever since!

As if all this wasn’t enough excitement already, there are even more thrills awaiting those brave enough to take part in this haunted cave Lantern Tour: enjoy chilling campfire stories told under starry skies; watch as costumed reenactors bring history to life; or wander around with just your lantern to light your way. No matter what experience you’re after, there’s something for everyone on this unique tour.

So if you’ve ever wanted to explore haunted hotspots on the Erie Canal or learn about local legends from days gone by, then this haunted cave Lantern Tour is perfect for you! With experienced guides leading each step of the way and thrilling stories shared around campfires late into the night—this spine-tingling adventure is not one to miss! So gather up some friends (if they’re brave enough) and embark on this spooky journey together through Lockport’s darkest secrets!


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