Murphy’s Lamplight Inn – The Blue Pelican Inn

Central Lake, MI   /   1 Review

2535 North Main Street, Central Lake, MI 49622, USA

This haunt is in need of information. Why is it here? We've had reports that this location is indeed haunted. Our specter crew has this haunt in processing and will be updating its information shortly. If you have a story related to this location, please share it with us below or contact us.

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One Review

  1. Kris Zebratski

    About 5 years ago, I came to Central Lake for a memorial service of for a relative. I had not been to Central Lake since I was a child. My cousin, made a reservation for me at the Blue Pelican inn. I checked in and discovered that I was the ONLY guest. The manager gave me the key to my room and the hotel!. ( it was a key or a combo – I don’t remember) and her contact information and left. The next morning attendees at the service told me that I must be very brave to stay there. I asked why. I learned then that the hotel is haunted. The next night two girls stayed there and left the next morning. I was the only guest again. I was in room #1. That night I decided to go to the end of the hall to the TV room. When I got to the end of the hall something spooked me from the left ( until then I had no issues) and I ran back to my room. About 3 am I heard clear footsteps walking up and down the hall. I thought someone had come to clean ( 3 am?). In the morning, the room that had been vacated by the girls the previous morning had not been cleaned. Except for the time I went down to the end of the hall, I was not afraid.
    I would definitely stay there again, even if I was alone. Whatever is there will do no harm.
    Kris Z. Fremont, CA

    December 5, 2020 at 12:23 pm Reply

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