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Is the Nob Hill Hotel haunted?

Built in 1907, the Nob Hill Inn is a popular hotel and reportedly one of the most haunted places in the city. Sitting right on the corner of two popular streets, the hotel has a classic look for the outside and plenty of antiques and older items on display inside. Though some think the haunted activity relates to those furnishings and decorations, others believe the hotel might house some spirits who lost their lives during the earthquake that struck the area prior to the hotel’s opening.

Locals claim the hotel has more than 20 ghosts walking through its hallowed halls. Many of those spirits like playing pranks on guests. Guests will often find things missing from their rooms or items moved, and others reported hearing people walking in the halls and knocking on their doors when no one was there. People tend to believe that the spirits are harmless and simply want to let visitors know they are there.

Though there are no exact stories surrounding the Nob Hill Inn ghosts, the hotel does sit on the site of a former grand home. The earthquake that struck San Francisco practically leveled that house, and its owners decided to rebuild rather than fix the existing structure. While no one died on the spot, some think those who died nearby gravitated towards the old hotel. Guests can now check into the Nob Hill Inn, but they should listen or watch carefully to see if the ghosts are up to their old tricks.

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