Queen Anne Hotel

1590 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA


The Haunted Queen Anne Hotel

The Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, CA, is not only an upscale bed and breakfast Victorian, but it is also rumored to be haunted as well. However, the ghost behind this haunted hotel is reportedly hospitable. The entity reportedly wanders about the hotel keeping an “eye” on her guests, looking out for their welfare. She has been known to unpack and hang up guests’ clothes and to pick objects up off the floor and tidy up their rooms for them. Some guests even report that she has tucked the covers around them in the middle of the night in a show of gentle concern. The most common occurrence, however, is the feeling of cold spots throughout the hotel. Others also say they have seen a misty form of an apparition.

This friendly spirit that is said to haunt the Queen Anne Hotel is believed the be the ghost of Mary Lake. Mary Lake was the headmistress of The Mary Lake School of Girls, which is what the hotel originally was when it opened back in 1890. Mary reportedly loved teaching the girls and caring for them, so when the school closed down in 1896, she was crushed. She disappeared from San Francisco and was never seen again.

The hotel transferred ownership many times before it was gained in 1980. When the new owner gained the property, it underwent extensive renovation to bring it back to life. When it opened as the Queen Anne Hotel, Mary Lake’s spirit was said to have returned to whether it was most comfortable and happy in life.

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