Ocean Born Mary House

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Route 202, Henniker, Merrimack County, NH, United States

Mary was born on an Irish immigrant ship heading to America on July 28, 1720. Shortly after her birth the ship was taken by pirates for it’s booty. But when pirate Don Pedro saw the new born baby, he made a deal with her parents. If they agreed to name her Mary, in honor of his mother, he would spare everyone’s lives. They agreed and continued their journey to America, where Mary’s parents settled in Londonderry, New Hampshire. This is where Mary lived for many years, meeting her husband Wallace, and having four sons. Life was good for Mary and Wallace until after the birth of their fourth son. Wallace died tragically making Mary a widow.

Shortly after Wallace’s death, Don Pedro settled in Henniker, New Hampshire and built his dream home. When he heard that the woman he saved and named so many years ago was a widow, he invited Mary and her sons to his estate, where they eventually fell in love and married. They stayed married for many years until Mary found Don Pedro stabbed to death in their garden. Did his pirate past come back to haunt him? No one knows for sure. Mary continued living in the house until she passed away at the ripe old age of 94. The house has had many owners since then, but they were always protected by the ghost of Ocean Born Mary.

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