Portals of Fear

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1 Majka St West Mifflin PA 15122

Friday October 13th 6pm - 10pm

Saturday October 14th 6pm-10pm

Sunday October 15th 6pm-9pm

Saturday October 21st 6pm-10pm

Sunday October 22nd 6pm-9pm

Saturday October 28th 6pm-10pm

Sunday October 29th 6pm-9pm

In the shadowy heart of West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, a malevolent force known as Asmodeus lurked, his insidious presence lingering within the walls of an abandoned school. Asmodeus, a cunning demon of ancient origin, had discovered a way to tear open multiple portals that permeated the decrepit halls of the forsaken institution. Once a place of learning and enlightenment, the school had now become a twisted playground for the entity, serving as a nexus for his sinister plan. Stories spread throughout the town, drawing thrill-seekers and the curious, little did they know that they would soon be plunged into a nightmarish journey, as the Portals of Fear lead directly to their deepest phobias, all orchestrated by Asmodeus in his relentless pursuit to ensnare their very souls.

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