Silver Queen Hotel

28 N C Street, Virginia City, NV 89440, USA

One woman staying at the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City had so many spirit encounters during her vacation that she started the Paranormal Researchers of Oregon Society. Visitors have heard tapping on their bedroom door in the middle of the night, and the hallway was empty. Reports of curtains fluttering when there’s no draft in the room, a mist floating over guest’s beds, and messages left on cell phones when the phones had not rung, are usual occurrences.

Guests have awakened at night with the unsettling sensation that someone was sitting on their bed, but couldn’t see anyone. One of the ghosts is Rosie, who likes to rap repeatedly on guest room doors. One guest got tired of being awakened every time he got to sleep and finally yelled at Rosie to go away. He heard loud footsteps stomping away from his door and down the hallway, but was left alone for the rest of the night.

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