The Bates Motel

2018 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814, USA

Don’t get too excited, it isn’t that Bates Motel. This hotel was established in

But this one is haunted and continues to draw ghost hunters and tired drivers alike. Stay in rooms 1 or 3 if you are looking for the most activity. Many guests have reported a general creepiness while staying in these rooms. They have the feeling someone is watching them, have experienced cold sensations, and have watched their belongings move across the table. Norman Bates wouldn’t even be able to handle a night here. Check it out next time you are in Idaho, and while you’re at it bring your mother!

Haunted Rooms in the Bates Motel

  • Rooms 1 and 3 have had the most activity. Do you think it’s a coincidence they make the number 13?

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