The Flanders Hotel

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The ghost haunting the Flanders Hotel is so popular that staff nicknamed her Emily. Unlike other haunted attractions that have give back stories to ghosts, no one knows quite where Emily came from or even why she decided to haunt the hotel. Both guests and workers spotted her spirit in the hotel.

The Flanders Hotel was one of the most prestigious and recognizable buildings in the entire city when it first opened. Its founders believed that its proximity to the ocean and its elaborate design would appeal to visitors of all ages and maybe even the rich and famous. A group of local men raised the capital needed to construct the building and remained its owners for more than a decade before selling it. Each new owner remained dedicated to the idea of maintaining the original look and style of the hotel.

Emily likely dates back to the early days of the Flanders Hotel, but some believe the ghost may be that of a former guest who stayed there during the 1930s or 1940s. Often described as a happy and cheerful spirit, she appears to guests on the third and fourth floors, but she also makes appearances in the lobby and on the second floor. Guests sometimes claim to see her dancing to the music that only she can hear, singing along to unheard music and even laughing to herself. Those actions led to some wondering if she might be someone who came to the hotel for the parties and special events it once hosted.

Though Emily’s ghost is so popular that a local artist even created a portrait of her, some believe she isn’t alone. The ghost of a woman in her early 30s also haunts the hotel and seems particularity fond of the second floor. Another ghost of the hotel is a little girl with dark hair. Paranormal investigators checking out the hotel believe the little girl might be Emily’s daughter and that she won’t rest until she finds her mother.

In addition to the spirits seen and felt at the Flanders Hotel, workers also feel hesitant about exploring or even venturing into the catacombs underneath the hotel. Once used to transport alcohol across the city, the catacombs have a deeply unsettling vibe, and some workers claim they see shadows moving and feel eyes on them while in the catacombs. Those interested in learning more can sign up for one of the haunted tours of the area.

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