The House of Souls: Genoa

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For those in Italy searching for some haunted thrills, The House of Souls in Genoa is the place to be. Many haven’t dared to spend one whole night here, but if you do, you are in for it. The house is uninhabited, but there have been plenty of ghost sightings and sounds of moaning coming from inside. These sinister sounds will keep anyone away, but this is the place to go if you are seeking some creepiness.

For those who have visited this house, they have heard moaning and other horrifying sounds coming from inside. After hearing these sounds, the legends began to stir about all of the unspeakable things that were done here in the past.

Is the House of Souls in Italy Haunted?

The road where the House of Souls is located used to be widely traveled. A few centuries ago, there were pilgrims and merchants who would walk along this road in order to find a place to stay. This is how the inn became so popular and helpful for those travelers. On this road, there were robberies, kidnappings, and murders, as well as a handful of people simply disappearing into thin air.

The House of Souls was an ancient inn and according to the legends, the owners were murdered while they were here and attending to their guests. One night, while they were sleeping, some of their guests lowered the moving ceilings on top of the owners, killing them in the night. They also took their possessions and fled the inn.

Stories of the Paranormal

The deaths and horrors at the inn helped pave the way for the paranormal stories that have come from the House of Souls today. The building has been uninhabited for decades, and the locals are scared to go anywhere near it. One family moved into the building when they had no other choice. When they moved in, they began to notice very strange things happening to them. The doors would swing open on their own, and their personal objects would be moved around the house. They would hear moans and screams at night, and they weren’t sure where they were coming from.

There have also been ghosts seen in the building. One tale is about a young woman who roams the halls looking for her lover, who was killed in the inn. She leaves the scent of roses around the house when she walks up and down the halls. Even though she is a ghost, visitors haven’t felt anything evil coming from her, just sadness.

The road to the House of Souls isn’t as well traveled in this day and age. The building holds a lot of darkness and horror, but for those intrigued by the paranormal, it is one of Italy’s most haunted places to visit. Beware!

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