Abandoned Hospital: Manicomio di Colorno

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Ghost hunters from all over the world have been known to seek out abandoned hospitals. The hospital in Colorno, Italy, is located in the province of Parma. In 1873, it was used as a shelter when cholera broke out. Not only did the sick seek shelter here, but soon, it led to a place for vagrants, sex workers, and abandoned children. The conditions here were anything but hygienic, resulting in a lot of death.

After the hospital got a facelift, it became a psychiatric hospital. While it was a hospital, the methods that were used here varied from straightjackets and electroshock therapy. The windows all had bars on them, and those who lived here were not treated well. With all of the souls who passed away here, those who come to visit the abandoned hospital have heard moans and screams and even seen people walking around crying. This is where plenty of souls were lost.

The Haunted History of the Colorno Mental Hospital

Asylums all around the world were known for treating those with mental illness. This asylum was expansive, and with the growing number of patients here, it had to expand quickly. Although some rooms were larger, as the asylum grew, most of the rooms began to look like prison cells. These rooms had very small windows where the doctors could look in on their patients.

Abandoned Hospital: Manicomio di Colorno

The rooms featured some very archaic forms of medicine, and some beds used restraints on the head and arms.  The asylum closed in 1979, and the patients were released to their doctors and families and on the streets. This building still stands today and there is paranormal activity lingering in the hallways.

The Paranormal Activity Today

Both ghost hunters and artists have come to the abandoned asylum to explore the history here. Plenty of them have stayed overnight and have a lot of creepy stories to share. Some have described the strange noises they have heard at night and thuds in the hallways. They have heard doors slamming around the building and water running when there is none. Others have seen people walking around in the hallways in gowns and wearing no shoes. During one rainy night, one visitor claimed to have seen a doctor coming from one of the rooms and was in tears. He then was seen jumping into the pond on the property. Is that the way he died?

If you want to have a paranormal experience like no other, visiting this abandoned hospital in Colorno could be right up your alley. Visitors worldwide have been here to take in the paranormal and take in the history of one of the world’s most haunted places. Enter if you dare!

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