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Over the decade’s many hotels have both risen and fallen among all the countless stories of Sin City. However, one popular hotel mainstay seems to have a supernatural side that is starting to emerge, and for some, these ghost stories are rather intense. In the thick of them is the immediately recognizable and towering Luxor Hotel and Casino.

The Luxor is one of the newer hotels on the Strip, as it was constructed and opened in 1993, with a staggering cost of $375 million dollars. Housing well over two thousand rooms with an enormous casino floor spanning nearly 100,000 square feet, the Luxor opened with quite a bang. Slickly styled in an Egyptian motif complete with a replica Sphinx on-site, crowds flocked to this popular Strip destination to gamble the night away amidst all the oasis iconography it offered.

Is the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas Haunted?

To supernaturally kickstart the paranormal activities, there have been claims that a pair of workers died during the construction of the massive pyramid. Fast forward to 1996, an unknown woman leaped from the 26th-floor window to her grisly death below. Again in 2007, a man named Pilo Duarte-Herrera constructed and left a pipe bomb in the hotel’s parking garage that killed an employee. Duarte-Herrera received life in prison but to this day claims no motive in masterminding the attack. In 2010 a UNLV football player was in a physical altercation with a friend before dying of a drug overdose in a suite there. It is believed that such events have lead to the reports of ghostly hauntings in the Luxor.

Ghosts and Paranormal Activity at the Luxor

The 12th, 14th, and 26th floors, both guests and employees alike have claimed to see the apparition of a woman who appears lost. As they approach, vicious cold spots are physically felt and some who have attempted to assist the woman in finding her room have pursued her only to have her disappear. Some paranormal enthusiasts reckon that the spirit belongs to the suicidal woman from 1996. A few guests have claimed to have a sensation of dread or being followed by unseen presences as they go to their rooms. At other times, some have gone so far as to say that they have had awful nightmares and terrifying visions of spirits in the hotel after what would be considered a normal evening about the Vegas Strip.

Have the previous deaths at the Luxor somehow afflicted it? One of the most bizarre theories out there is not based on the deaths at the property, but with the appearance of the hotel itself. The black pyramid is thought to draw in some cosmic energy from the heavens down to the property’s location, thus creating a supernatural hotspot for the activity. Today the Luxor has remained unfazed by the events of the past. In fact, the Luxor is consistently ranked as one of the top hotels and casinos in all of Las Vegas, drawing tens of thousands of visitors a year who look to get away from it all and bask in this true desert oasis.

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    My husband and I stayed at the Luxor April 14/15 2022 and had a couple of weird things happen in the casino. I was standing, talking to a younger couple that I had never met before, in the casino when a stool from a machine we were near but not touching, flew about 6 feet by itself, landing on it’s side. The couple and I looked at each other in wonder. The lady looked at me and said “did that really just happen?” Later that same day my husband asked for something out of my purse. When I reached for my bag an ashtray launched itself off the machine base into the aisle

    April 22, 2022 at 5:21 pm

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