The Real Entity House

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11547 Braddock Drive, Culver City, California, USA

The Real Entity House from the 1980’s Movie

There are paranormal and supernatural hauntings where the events are manifested in a myriad of ways. Objects may move, fly across the room, or disappear altogether. Standing in one area of a haunted location, a person can experience cold spots or a feeling of great disorientation and even dread. Physically, people have been harmed and are not immune. Bitings, scratchings, beatings of malicious nature can occur to anyone at any time in these paranormally manifested areas. Above all, there is one taboo of such paranormal activity that is rarely talked about due to its extremely sensitive and personal nature. And that is sexual assault by a paranormal entity.

Haunting in Culver City, CA

The Real Entity House from the 1980s Movie

In 1974, a pretty divorced mother of four children named Doris Bither moved her family into a small, West Los Angeles home. Having one younger girl and three older boys, space was small, but the Bither’s made the best use of what they had. Doris had a long history of abusive relationships dating back to her childhood as well as suffering formerly from her own battle with substance abuse addiction. Finally free of such abuse, she was going to make the best of her new home with her children.

The Entity Paranormal Attacks

The Entity Story - Barbara Hershey

With the children in bed for the evening, Doris was in her own bedroom reading and trying to relax after a busy day. Without warning a trio of nearly invisible paranormal entities appeared to her. The smaller two branched off and grabbed her arms and held her down. The third, and formidably large entity, spread her legs and sexually assaulted her. Unable to scream and paralyzed by complete terror and fear, Doris had no idea what was happening to her. Over the next several days, at completely random times, Doris was sexually assaulted by the same trio of entities. At one instance, her eldest son saw his mother being dragged across her room, he attempted to intervene and instead was assaulted by the unseen entities and thrown completely across the room! Another son also claimed that whenever a very dark rock n roll albums were played, the activity in the home seemed to amplify. The other children were not immune to the physical assaults, as they were bitten, scratched, and slapped by what was believed to be a fourth entity in the home. In later interviews, the children described seeing the entities and said they appeared in the form of a light grey fog that could swiftly move from room to room. For Doris, nothing she did was of any relief to her almost daily sexual assaults by the trio of entities.

Where is the Real Entity House from the 1982 Movie?

The Real Entity House in Culver City TodayThe Real Entity House from the 1982 film is located at 11547 Braddock Drive, Culver City, California, USA. You can see it from the street. The paint has changed a few times over the years, but it’s easy to spot by the address running down the wooden beam near the door and the bricked sidewalk and pavement in the front yard. Do not trespass as the current owners appreciate their privacy and maintain the that the home is clean from paranormal activity.

The Lights and Dr. Taff

Desperate for any kind of help, Doris when to a local bookstore trying to find any literature on the subject and if there was a remedy. Her frustrations were overheard by Dr. Barry Taff and his associate Kerry Gaynor who were a pair of budding parapsychologists at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). They had an active parapsychology department there and were most eager to help Doris. Showing up and making a house call, Dr. Taff and his associates were ready to investigate as best they could. They noticed the home had an overwhelming feeling of pressure inside it. The children were moody and irritable at times, roughhousing in front of the group. Upon interviewing Doris at home, the investigators wanted her to call out the entities to see if they would appear. As much as Dr. Taff and his team could believe that a haunting was possible, proving spectral rape would be something entirely different altogether. Doris called out the entities and began swearing aloud when suddenly a green mist manifested in the room with the couple dozen investigators. An arc of light shot above her head as a very large man’s torso formed in the mist. No doubt that her tormentor had finally exposed himself, and in front of a scientific and paranormal community no less.

Hollywood and Beyond

With Dr. Barry Taff’s parapsychological affirmation, the activity was given the name of, The Entity. So strong and convincing was the evidence that it wasn’t before long and Hollywood came calling. In 1982 Sidney J. Furie directed the horror film masterpiece, The Entity, starring Barbara Hershey and Ron Silver. The horror film was both a critical and commercial success, so much so that even award-winning director Martin Scorsese considered it one of the scariest films he had ever seen.

At some point after the investigations by Dr. Barry Taff and his team, Doris and her children moved to a different home in nearby Carson, then San Bernardino, and finally into the heart of Texas. With each subsequent move, Doris was continually harassed by the trio of spirits, to a point where she frantically went through mental health periods of believing she was actually impregnated by the entity, only to have tests show that was not possible. Doris finally was able to get relief from her tormentors when she passed away in 1995 from pulmonary arrest. The infamous “Entity House” still stands in Culver City to this day. Many paranormal historians cannot say for certain what it was that haunted and tormented Doris Bither, but her’s is the first documented and recorded case of a paranormal haunting going to such a sexual extreme.

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5 Reviews

  1. Jay

    Very sad case. I feel bad for the whole family and what they had to go through to get help. It’s a shame she couldn’t have gotten help from the Warrens instead of being blamed for lying, or attention seeking, or crazy, or even someone with poltergeist abilities. Her problems were external, demonic. It’s no wonder she was self-medicating.

    December 20, 2022 at 4:11 pm
  2. God's Child

    Been to the house. Nothing eerie about it. She had an attachment. That was violent towards her. It followed wherever she move to. Had a similar experience at a place a few miles away at a Hotel on Sawtelle. Why I was interested in going. Mines was not violent but was weird enough. Others after me who females had same issues. They keep that room closed now.

    January 23, 2023 at 1:23 pm
  3. irma

    I grew up in Culver City and I remember walking home from school and us kids running by the home because everyone said it was haunted.

    March 10, 2023 at 10:52 pm
  4. Jenn

    I totally believe! I wish the Warrens could’ve helped her because then she and her situation would have definitely been taken seriously and she probably would not have had to just live with it. I feel so bad for what she and her children went through.

    March 26, 2023 at 7:03 pm
  5. Bex

    WOW! I visited the wrong house. I was told this one was in Culver City on Madison Ave near Sony studios… (when we pulled up it was fenced off and had a camera directly above the front door so I assumed it was the correct house) Going to have to stop by now!

    September 10, 2023 at 7:50 pm

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