Third Degree of Terror

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9 3rd Street, Ayer, MA, USA


Saturday, October 26: 6-9pm
Sunday, October 27: 6-9pm
Thursday, October 31: 6-9pm

All new for 2019! The Third Degree of Terror welcomes visitors for its tenth Halloween season with an all new theme, “The eXperiment”.

At Willardyne Labs, shrinking budgets and questionable practices have led to…unexpected results. Turns out those treatments on lab rats to increase their intelligence were much more successful than previously thought. The genetically modified rats staged an uprising, breaking out of their cages and escaping into the nearby sewer system.

Not satisfied with just their freedom, the diabolical rats decided to turn the tables on their former captors and started conducting experiments of their own. Poor Dr. Johansen was their unwitting victim. They insidiously infected him with rat DNA, transforming him into a hideous human-rat hybrid known as the Rat King. The Rat King was briefly caged but soon broke out of his confinement. A recovery team of technicians was dispatched to trap and return him, but all communication with them has been lost.

Now it’s up to you to follow in his footsteps, all the way to the rat’s hidden lair, rumored to be located in a toxic waste storage facility, if necessary. Are you brave enough (or foolhardy enough) to accept this task? This mini haunted house, packed into an 800 square foot detached garage, features multiple rooms and twisting corridors built with frightening realism and detail worthy of a movie set.

As always, there’s no charge. Visitors are welcome on three nights – Saturday October 26, Sunday October 27 and Thursday, October 31 – from 6-9pm each night.



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