Third Degree of Terror

Ayer, MA   /   0 Reviews

9 3rd Street, Ayer, MA, USA


Friday, October 29: 6-9pm
Saturday, October 30: 6-9pm
Sunday, October 31: 6-9pm

The Third Degree of Terror is a free home haunt open three nights a year each October. The haunt is designed for all ages and contains detailed, realistic and immersive scenes, utilizing lighting, sound effects, and scents to full advantage.

Here is the backstory for The eXperiment 2.0 for 2021:

“The year is 1985. Across the globe, the Cold War simmers. The Soviet Union tries to gain an advantage over the West. Encouraged by their success with the Black Widow Ops program, the Soviets take things one step further with a nefarious genetics project codenamed “Wolf Spider”. A top-secret research facility, Borisdyne Labs, conducts a hideous genetics program to produce a human-spider hybrid, bred for kidnapping and assassination. While successful to a degree, the lab subjects display uncontrollable aggression and a worrisome tendency to abduct young children.


Meanwhile, in the U.S., the situation at Willardyne Labs has become precarious following the now infamous Dr. Johansen “Rat King” incident. Abandoning the use of lab rats, the unscrupulous Dr. Warren Gorman enters into an illegal partnership with the Soviets, vowing to perfect the hybridization process. Applying their usual practices of flimsy safety protocols and risky shortcuts, Willardyne Labs foolishly attempts to accelerate the program. The result is yet another catastrophe, the creation of a monstrous Spider Queen that immediately escapes from the lab. A recovery team of technicians is dispatched to track her down, but all communication with them is lost.


Now it’s up to you to follow in the Spider Queen’s footsteps, all the way to the her hidden lair. Are you brave enough (or foolhardy enough) to risk ensnarement in the Spider Queen’s web?”

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