Third Degree of Terror

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9 3rd Street, Ayer, MA, USA


Saturday, October 28: 6-9pm
Sunday, October 29: 6-9pm
Tuesday, October 31: 6-9pm

The Third Degree of Terror is a free home haunt open three nights a year each October. The haunt is designed for all ages and contains detailed, realistic and immersive scenes, utilizing lighting, sound effects, and scents to full advantage.

Here is the backstory for the new Carnage on Cell Block 9 theme for 2023:
They called him…the Storm Slayer.

When lightning flashed and thunder raged, Malachi Leeds stalked the night in search of helpless victims to prey upon. As summer storms lashed the valley, the death count rose as more and more homes were broken into, their occupants murdered in unspeakable ways. Fear grew each time storm clouds gathered. Locked doors and barred windows couldn’t prevent his entry.

Then came the night when authorities captured Leeds with his hands still soaked in blood. His trial was swift and the justice, merciless. Leeds laughed when he was sentenced to Ghoul County Correctional prison to await his fate: death by electrocution. He was still laughing when the prison guards strapped him to the electric chair and threw the switch.

But that was not the end of Leeds’ story…

His strange affinity with electricity caused unexpected, horrifying results. In the days that followed, terrified inmates heard an eerie voice emanating from the light fixtures and wiring in their cells. Lights flickered on and off randomly, while prison bars delivered shocking jolts. Prisoners slowly fell into madness. At last, the governor decreed that Ghoul County Correctional must be closed and abandoned.

But now someone has decided to reopen the prison. Your time of incarceration has come. Be prepared to march into Ghoul County Correctional and maybe…just maybe…your sentence won’t be…LIFE.” 

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