Top Haunted Houses in Mississippi 2017

Mississippi Top Haunt: Bailey Haunted Firehouse

9th Year of Hellraising

Bailey Haunted Firehouse in Meridian, MS

The Bailey Haunted Firehouse takes the top haunt in the state of Mississippi for the third year! When you enter the haunted forest, you will encounter gaggles of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins! Continue into the Haunted Firehouse and you may find yourself face to face with Jason Voorhees and his chainsaw or a maniacal Michael Myers! The Firehouse has been scaring the pants off adults and kids alike. Jamie said, “I literally left running! It was well worth it! My heart is still pounding…” The best part? Bailey Haunted Firehouse is a charity event and the cost of admission is only $10!

FrightFind It: Bailey Haunted Firehouse in Meridian, MS

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Cedar Hill Farm’s Haunted Hayride

Top Haunted Houses in Mississippi - Cedar Hill Farm’s Haunted HayrideCedar Hill’s Haunted Farm featuring 5 unique nighttime attractions (the Haunted Hayride, Trail of Terror, Zombie Apocalypse-Paintball Shoot, the Flashlight Corn Maize and Sensturbia-our Haunted Barn).

House of The Haunted Fields

Top Haunted Houses in Mississippi - House of The Haunted FieldsYou will be touring an antique haunted house followed by a dark , winding trail of terror on over two wooded acres. PG-13 is the suggested rating.

Haunted Hill

Top Haunted Houses in Minnesota - Haunted HillFrom underground dungeons to vampire rooms and coffin rooms, this haunt has everything you would expect and more.

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