14 Things to Get Your Zombie for Valentine’s Day

Similar to last year, Valentine’s Day coincides with the return of The Walking Dead making this one of the best V-Days ever.  Should we call it “Z-Day?” ZV-Day? While many lovers will pledge their hearts to that special someone this Valentine’s Day, horror fans will be gazing into the starry-pee-yellowed eyes of their favorite Walkers. Wondering what to get that special zomeone? Check out a few zombie faves below. Love is in “Z” air.

14 Gifts for Your Zombie on Valentine’s Day

  1. Neosporin – For all of their open sores.
  2. Hoverboard – To get around “slightly” faster.
  3. Rosetta Stone – There are more than 6,000 spoken languages in the world. That’s a lot of different ways to say “brrrrraaaaaiiinssss.”
  4. Helmet – To protect their noggins from flying debris, tire irons, or 9 millimeters.
  5. Omaha Steaks – Nothing says “I love you” like a box of meat.
  6. A Destination Trip – To a slow-moving senior citizens home.
  7. A Bouquet of Marigolds – Often used to celebrate the Day of the Dead, or the Walking Dead?
  8. A Drone – Let’s face it. Drone’s are super cool!
  9. Winter Coat – A winterized zombie is a prepared zombie.
  10. Breath mints – Nobody likes zombie breath.
  11. Pet Goldfish – To teach them responsibility.
  12. Perfume or Cologne – So they stink gooooood.
  13. A Fine Merlot – For the refined Zombie.
    and of course…
  14. A Heart Shaped Box – filled with delicious zombie treats. Box Optional.

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