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Despite its charming yellow walls and well-kept garden, this Kota attraction called Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel holds a haunting secret. During the British rule of India, Major Charles Burton visited the palace with his family. As the Sepoy Mutiny broke out, the palace was attacked by natives, and the Major was murdered alongside his children. It is rumored that after the attack, the king of Kota at the time recovered the bodies of the English and buried them in the central hall of the palace. If you dare, this hotel is available for booking. Along with its luxury experience, it also comes with spooky roommates, as the spirits of the Burtons are told to roam the palace halls.

Visitors to the Bhawan Palace Hotel enjoy the old-world charm and learn about the property’s history. It has been a hotel for over 180 years, which means it has seen its fair share of haunts and legends. The rooms are incredibly spacious, and guests feel like they live in a palace. The decor is made for royalty, and the lawns and gardens are part of what draws guests in. It was once the mansion of the former Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Is The Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel Haunted?

This hotel has been part of many rumors for decades. One of the stories is that there was a British officer who was killed here in 1857. Apparently, when he lived here, a group of Indian soldiers broke in and attacked the palace. They killed the officer and all of his children, burying them all in the central hall.

As soon as locals heard this legend, they were quick to share lore and ghost stories about the hotel. Many of them claim to have seen and heard this officer now that he is living there as a ghost. This officer isn’t the only ghost that locals and visitors have claimed to see, though.

More Ghosts in the Brijraj Bhawan Hotel

The British officer isn’t the only ghost visitors have claimed to see. In one of the rooms, visitors have claimed to see an older man with white hair and a cane. He wanders through the hotel and seems pretty harmless, but he still spooks some of the guests who don’t warm up to ghosts very well.

Guests of the hotel have mentioned that there are areas where they feel extremely uncomfortable. In the central hall area, where there are bodies allegedly buried, guests have admitted to feeling scared or as if someone else is with them even when no one is there. The guests have been asked to stay indoors at night and not walk around the gardens just in case there is some paranormal activity around.

The ghosts here do not seem to bother any of the guests, but for some who are skeptical about the paranormal, this may not be the place they want to stay.

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