The Haunted 1886 Crescent Hotel

75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, USA


Touted as “the most haunted hotel in America,” the Crescent Hotel of Eureka Springs, Arkansas has been in operation since 1886. Standing 5 stories tall with 78 rooms, it sits on the Eureka Springs mountaintop. During it’s time, it has served many other purposes, most notably as a phony cancer hospital that infamously housed its own morgue during the late 30s.

The hotel is said to be haunted by many spirits and there are all sorts of unexplained phenomena reported with regularity. From ghost sightings in rooms to glowing orbs and apparitions of nurses walking the halls behind wheelchairs, the luxurious Crescent Hotel has a history steeped in the paranormal.

Michael’s Room

The Crescent Hotel may have been destined to be haunted before it was finished. In 1885, a young stone mason named Michael fell to his death in what would be room 218. Room 218 has been notorious for paranormal activity. One of the hotel clerks we spoke to said, “I won’t go in that room.”

Theodora’s Room

Room 419 is said to be “Theodora’s room” and is one of the most haunted rooms in the Crescent. Doors open mysteriously by themselves, the feeling of something brushing past you, and more of the unexplained. Theodora is said to be a woman from the 30s who was there during the cancer hospital era. It is not known if she was a patient, nurse, or….

Want to stay in one of these haunted rooms? It is possible, but you’ll want to reserve your room 9-12 months in advance and it is well worth the experience. However, if you don’t get one of these rooms, there is plenty to experience as the haunts are not restricted there. Sightings and hauntings are reported throughout the hotel. You can also take a haunted ghost tour and take a spooky walk through the old morgue. Lots of scary stuff here for fright seakers.

Haunted rooms to stay in:

  • Room 218 is Michael’s room where the young stone mason fell to his death in 1885.
  • Room 419 is Theodora’s room where the spirit of a 1930s woman is said to haunt with regularity.

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2 Reviews

  1. Corrine

    When I stayed at the Crescent Hotel I heard a ghost story that a lady woke up one night with a young girl standing at her bed. She didn’t have kids with her and noticed that the girl was wearing clothes from another era. She vanished into thin air.

    Then, months later they returned and noticed an old photo in the elevator that had the little girl on it. The photos was from many many years past.

    February 6, 2017 at 3:07 pm Reply
  2. Tammy

    My room was 4th floor close to the stairs. Walked thru cold spots in the room that had nothing to do with the heat and air system, at times felt as if someone sits on the bed with me but no one was there. Between 2 and 3 am my daughter said she saw my shoes move, she ran out of the room and would not return. I had to find another hotel to spend the remainder of the night and went back aloe the next am to attend my spa appointment and to pack our things. Restaurant was good and and did the night tour.

    August 19, 2022 at 6:59 am Reply

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