Kenilworth Lodge

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1610 Lakeview Dr, Sebring, FL , USA

Located in Sebring, Florida, Kenilworth Lodge is a gorgeous old building with a long history and a haunted reputation. Many of the stories told about the hotel date back to the early 1910s. Paranormal groups and investigators came to the hotel in the hopes of capturing proof of its haunted past, but even ordinary guests experienced some otherworldly things while staying there.

Some guests spotted George Parker standing in the lodge. That might not be so odd if not for the fact that Parker died in the 1950s. Parker spent several years working as the manager of the lodge and seems happy to stick around and ensure things go smoothly for new guests. Most witnesses reported seeing Parker’s ghost in the lobby and in other public parts of the lodge, and a few employees spotted him as well.

The sounds of ghostly conversations are also common. One guest spent a restless night tossing and turning in his bed. Every time he started to fall asleep, he would hear people whispering, laughing and generally just having a good time right outside his door. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he walked down to the desk and demanded that the workers do something about the noise. That was when he learned that there was no one else staying on his floor that night.

Guests also seem uncomfortable on the main staircase. They claim to feel someone watching them or people brushing by them. Dozes of guests reported similar experiences while staying at the Kenilworth Lodge.

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One Review

  1. Trinity

    I have stayed in the hotel before and went to look at the different floors when I got to the second floor I felt someone watching me and herd my name in a mans voice this place is sadly closed to be torn down I don’t think George parker would like to see this.

    March 17, 2018 at 6:48 pm Reply

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