Mount Washington Hotel

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310 Mount Washington Hotel Rd, Carroll, NH 03598, USA

Joseph Stickney built the Mount Washington Hotel in 1902 to cater to the rich and famous. Stickney’s wife Carolyn would watch from the balcony as guests entered for dinner. She wanted to outshine the wealthy women and would make her entrance into the dining room after her guests had arrived.

Joseph and Carolyn’s idyllic marriage wouldn’t last. In 1903, Joseph died suddenly, and Carolyn remarried and moved to France. When her second husband died, she moved back to the hotel. Some people claim that Carolyn has never left. Tales of dreamy, romantic music and a woman on the balcony who resembles Carolyn, have been reported. Visitors have reported TVs changing channels, and mysterious lights and orbs.

One of the spookiest stories is about the family staying in the Tower Suites. The parents shared one bed while their two sons were in the other. During the night the woman felt someone sit on her bed. She got up, and both boys were asleep. She told her husband but dismissed the incident. Several years later when Ghost Hunters investigated the hotel, stories of similar incidents surfaced.

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