Notes From The Upside Down: An Unofficial Guide to Stranger Things

Thought you knew everything there was to know about Netflix’s Stranger Things? Well, you thought wrong! Read Notes From The Upside Down and you will soon learn that author Guy Adams holds that prestigious title. 231 pages of Stranger Things facts, references, and even fun homework assignments to tide you over. We highly recommend picking up a copy and brushing up before the October 27 release of season 2.

FrightFind got the chance to talk with Guy and find out what’s up in the Upside Down.

FrightFind: What is Notes From The Upside Down and what are you hoping readers take away from it?

Guy Adams: It’s one man’s ramble through eight episodes of lovely television. Picking apart elements of the show, looking at the creation and the cast and delving into the work of the writers and filmmakers (and graphic designers) who inspired it.

Stranger Things Season 2

FF: As I was reading this book I thought to myself “This would make a great website.” Is that what you were going for? Do you want people to experience it like they would have pre-internet? Like Will would have?

Guy: Well, I do sort of joke about that in the foreword. I make the point that there’s possibly no point to a book about a TV show anymore – in a world where we’re drowning in websites and forums discussing everything in minute detail – but here one is regardless. I just wanted to create something that was a fun, open conversation I suppose (albeit a one-sided one, which, frankly, makes it even more like the Internet!).

FF: What are some of your favorites movies and shows that are referenced and is there anything that didn’t make it in to Stranger Things that you wish had?

Guy: I’m awful at picking favorites, I love far too many movies, TV shows and books. All of the obvious reference points – Jaws, Poltergeist, John Carpenter movies, the novels of Stephen King etc. – would certainly count as I adore them.

Stranger Things

Likewise, there’s nothing that I felt was missing. The show does an excellent job of referencing its sources but also standing on its own two feet and that’s a tricky balancing act. That said, the book is filled with other movies I suggest people might enjoy (because I never miss the opportunity to recommend something!

FF: We love all of the homework that you assign at the end of every chapter. What was your intention there? Do you have a background in teaching?

Guy: No, though if there was a course in horror movies I would happily sign up to instruct! The homework sections serve two purposes really, a chance for me to be a bit silly and, again, to share other work I feel fans of the show would enjoy.

If the book serves as a launch pad into a wider world of movies and books for the reader then I’ll consider I’ve done a good thing. I can’t be the only human to own this many shelves, it’s just miserable, I’m determined the rest of you up your game!

FF: Any predictions for Season 2? What’s up with Will? Will Barb come back?

Guy: I would have thought Barb would return, the Internet took her to heart and I’d be surprised if she doesn’t make an appearance of some kind. If she doesn’t though, I won’t mind. Not through any dislike of the character – or indeed Shannon Purser, it’s always good to keep an actor in work – purely because what I really want from the second series is to be surprised.

Stranger Things - Barb

Will is clearly rammed full of alien filth, the poor lad – time will tell if he survives the experience.

I think we’re due to see a lot more of the Upside Down leaking through into our world – the pre publicity suggests as much – but, as I say above, I’m making no bets. I look forward to sitting down, free of expectations, and enjoying the ride.

FF: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Guy: The glistening eyes of interviewers on a cocktail stick.

FF: Ouch!

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