Westerfeld House

1198 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

Located in San Francisco, California, and built in 1889 by a German immigrant, the Westerfeld House has played host to a most eccentric selection of guests and tenants over the many years. Russian czarists, famous musicians, and even a Satanic filmmaker have been mainstays at the home at one point in time. Looking closer at the Westerfeld, the activities both created and documented by LaVeyan Satanism follower Kenneth Anger is perhaps what stirred up most of the paranormal activity and opened up doorways to Hell.

Is the Westerfeld House in San Franciso Haunted?

The multistory home’s most haunted area is without a doubt, the top floor tower. Overlooking the many hilled views of the Bay Area, the top floor was frequently occupied by Anger’s most personal guest, found of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey. The room is said to have been the chosen area for a number of Satanic rituals personally performed by LaVey in the home. Among one of the highlights is a pentagram that was etched into the hardwood floor to serve as a more permanent origin for performing rituals.

The Haunted Westerfeld House

LaVey is also said to have kept a small pet lion in the room with him as well, with photographs providing evidence of this. There are claw marks that have been found in the wood of the top floor, while most point to the damage done by the lion years ago, some have wondered if the claw marks have been scratched in by demons that were conjured.

The Haunted Westerfeld House

Invocation of My Demon Brother

One of the more bizarre and documented activities was Kenneth Anger’s documentary film short called Invocation of My Demon Brother. The film is a noir-style mashup of quick edits depicting nude men and women amongst a bevy of ritualistic scenery. Mock sacrifices alongside a cameo by LaVey as Satan all played with a soundtrack that emits hissing, growling, and bass sounds make for very disturbing viewing.

Westfeld House - Invocation of My Demon Brother

These days, the Westerfeld House with over twenty-five rooms is owned by local real estate developer Jim Siegel. The rooms are rented out to various tenants who claim that while they have not experienced any direct malevolent activity, they do report overwhelming emotions and physical presences in the home. Nightmares are wholly common, as are various banging sounds throughout the house. Current owner Siegel has said that he was well aware of the home’s various tenants and dark history. Upon buying the home he has said,

“One of the first things I did was have the house blessed by Buddhist monks”.

While the blessing has assured him and he claims the home isn’t haunted, there are still reports of a certain uneasiness upon entering there. Whether this is all psychologically manifested in a visitor’s mind or is a result of the house’s past activities, it serves as no deterrent as the home stands quite popular even to this very day.

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