Tooth Fairy: Producers of Netflix’s ‘Nowhere’ Are At It Again

The moon hangs low over the quaint village of San Cadenas, nestled amidst the rugged Spanish mountains. In the heart of this close-knit community, a chilling mystery unfolds—one that transcends folklore and plunges into the abyss of supernatural horror. Welcome to the world of “Tooth Fairy.”

The Tooth Fairy Premise

In the wake of a series of child disappearances, the villagers tremble with fear. Their whispers echo tales of an ancient curse, a malevolent spirit that emerges under the moon’s silver glow. When the diligent social worker, Elena Vargas, delves into the village’s myths and legends, she unwittingly awakens a force beyond comprehension—a vengeful entity hungry for retribution.

The Producers

The masterminds behind this spine-tingling project are none other than the producers of Netflix’s hit film “Nowhere”. Their track record speaks volumes: “Nowhere” became the streamer’s most-watched Spanish-language film ever, amassing 85 million views and 155 million hours viewed. It dominated 2023 as the year’s most-watched non-English language title on the service.

The Director

Tony Morales, a rising star in the horror genre, takes the helm. This film marks his feature film directorial debut, following a successful career in creating bone-chilling horror shorts such as “Abracitos,” “Black Eyed Child,” “Alicia,” and “Hada.” His passion for horror movies breathes life into this supernatural tale.

Filming and Casting

Production is set to kick off during the summer, promising eerie landscapes and atmospheric visuals. Casting decisions are underway, ensuring that the characters come alive on screen.

The Terrifying Short Film Connection

“Tooth Fairy” draws inspiration from Morales’s earlier short film titled “Hada.” The same ominous spirit that haunted audiences in the short film now takes center stage in this feature-length nightmare.

The Nightmare Unleashed

“Tooth Fairy” promises to be a well-crafted nightmare, meticulously pieced together by a team of cutting-edge, commercial genre filmmakers who understand the pulse of modern global audiences. Brace yourselves for a haunting experience that will leave you questioning the shadows lurking in the corners of your room.

Stay tuned as the terror unfolds. And remember, when the Tooth Fairy comes knocking, it’s not for loose teeth—it’s for your soul.

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