Top Haunted Houses in Illinois 2017

Illinois Top Haunt: Nightmares Basement of the Dead

Nothing bad has ever happened in a basement. Right?


Nightmares Basement of the Dead is featured as the top haunt for the state of Illinois! The experience begins from the moment you step out of your car, and intensifies the closer you get to the attractions. That’s right, those brave enough to enter, receive two haunts for the price of one! First, enter the Basement of the Dead, then find yourself lost within the sheer blackness that is the 3D Shattered Haunted House. You won’t know which way is up when you’re armed with only a flashlight and a pair of 3D glasses!

FrightFind It: Nightmares Basement of the Dead in Aurora, IL

More Top Haunts in Illinois

13Th Floor

Top Haunted Houses in Illinois - 13Th FloorIn most buildings the 13th floor doesn’t exist, but in the heart of Chicago it does! All of your fears will come alive in both of the haunted houses here at the 13th floor.

Haunted Infirmary

Top Haunted Houses in Illinois - Haunted InfirmaryAn insane asylum turned haunted house will make you lose your mind with fear, terror and nightmares.

House of Torment

Top Haunted Houses in Illinois - House of TormentTwo thrilling and terrifying experiences for one price, “The Nightmare High” and “The Frenzy.” Be prepared to jump out of your skin.

Statesville Haunted Prison

Statesville Haunted PrisonBox O’ Clowns. Enough said. 

Terror At Skellington Manor

Top Haunted Houses in Illinois - Terror At Skellington ManorLocated in a former Masonic Temple the haunt covers multiple floors and is designed to make you run for your life. A portion of all events at the Manor go to fund a “WATER4LIFEPROJECT,” a program designed to provide fresh clean water to families in need in Kenya, Africa.

Spook Hollow

SPOOK HOLLOW WITH M.C. MANOR AND M.C. NIGHTMARE39 Years of haunting Illinois. They know what they are doing.


Frightmare Haunted HouseHead on down to Burbank for two terrifying stories of darkness.

Sniper Zombie Paintball

SNIPER ZOMBIE PAINTBALLZombies are just waiting for you to shoot them in the face!

Pekin Haunt

Pekin Haunt Haunted House
Paintball! Corn Maze! Zombies! What more can you ask for?

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