Top Haunted Houses in Iowa 2017

Iowa Top Haunt: The Heart of Darkness Haunted Complex

They Don’t Skip A Beat

The Heart of Darkness Haunted Complex in Waterloo, IA

The Heart of Darkness is Iowa’s scariest haunted complex, and takes the top haunt for the state of Iowa! This haunt features 10 different themed attractions, including House of the Walking Dead, Killer Circus, Zombie Paintball, and more! You’ll be greeted by creepers such as Crispy the arsonist, Papa Voodoo the witchdoctor, and Chopper Charley Bartlett, who terrorize every corridor. Visit on Wednesday and Thursday night and endure Slasher Night and a Blackout Tour from 7-10pm. Or experience macabre music with a live DJ on Friday and Saturday nights.

FrightFind It:  The Heart of Darkness Haunted Complex in Waterloo, IA

More Top Haunts in Iowa

Thrashers House of Terror

Top Haunted Houses in Iowa - Thrashers House of TerrorA volunteer ran haunted house which is a fundraider for the Midwest Old Threshers Organization. Located in Mount Pleasant this haunt started in 2007 and offers lots of fun and scares for all ages.

Sinister Sidney

Sinister Sidney Haunted HouseSinister Sidney – Frights on Filmore Street is a horror filled trail winding through the old haunted Canon property of Sidney, Iowa. Creep through over “25 individual horrors” including Spider Hollow, Hillbilly Shack, Pen and Slaughter House, Horror Fields and more. Food donations help the West Central Services Food Pantry. Check it out.

Gateway of Chaos

Gateway of Chaos Haunted HouseThe haunt operates each fall where 100% of the proceeds benefit the Malvern Area Betterment Association and other non-profit organizations throughout Southwest Iowa. 

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