Top Haunted Houses in Minnesota 2022

Minnesota Top Haunt: The Dead End Hayride

This hay ride leads straight to hell!

The Dead End Hayride

Walking (let’s be honest, running in terror) around some haunted attractions can be physically exhausting. Looking for another way to get scared? The Dead End Hayride located in Wyoming, Minnesota is the best of the best when it comes to non-walking haunted attractions. The sun sets and darkness emerges, you and a group of friends begin a late fall hayride through the countryside. Think on a simple hayride nothing can go wrong? As the ride progresses, the sights, frights, and sounds come horrifyingly close to you with a such gruesome display that the monstrosities awaiting you rival that of any big-budget Hollywood horror film! Minnesota’s best-haunted attraction is waiting on your screams….

FrightFind It: The Dead End Hayride in Wyoming, MN
Runner Up: The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 in Cottage Grove, MN

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The Dead End Hayride

Dead End HayrideConsider their “Immediate Access” pass for no wait to all 3 attractions.

Scream Town

Scream Town Haunted HouseEnter the attraction as many time as you want.

The Haunting Experience On Highway 61

Top Haunted Houses in Minnesota - The Haunting Experience On Highway 61Established in 1986 and getting better every year.

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